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1 year old and dont walk
09/24/2008 at 10:51 AM

Hello Everyone,

I have a daughter that is one year old and doesnt know how to walk yet. I know that every child has their own progression. I just dont know how to help her. I put her in her walker and try to get her to walk to me with a toy in my hand. She will just sit there and cry.  I have even tried to stand her up in that position to get her used to it. She bends her knees and has a fit. I do have to admit that I have been spoiling her alot and carrying her, but recently I have been trying to wing her from that. I will just sit down on the floor with her to play. She does stand up to walk around furniture, but I m just concerned. What should I do? All comments and advice is appreciated.

It's been a long time since I had a little one, but as I remember a walker does not help a baby to walk. In fact, it does the opposite.

So, if this still holds true according to research, I would not put your baby in the walker as much as possible.

I remember I used to hold the baby's hands while facing her, get her to stand, then I would walk backwards, leading her and supporting her as she took steps.

Maybe that would help, but then again, I think when the baby is ready, the baby is ready and will walk. As you said, they all progress at their own rate.

Try not to worry too much; I'm sure she will walk when she is ready! :o)


Thanks for your advice. I will be sure to keep her away from walker. I do grab her hands while facing her and try to get her to stand and walk.She does it sometimes, othertimes she starts to cry. I will do that more and maybe she will become interested. Thanks for all your support. Appreciate it.

The longer they crawl, the better they read. Relax. My cousin's boy was 2 before he walked, they took him to a couple of doctors when he was a year and a half, there was nothing wrong physically, he's a very active ambulatory 7 year-old now.

That is so good to hear and such a relief. I tend to get worried easy and to know that this has happened to someone else and they are okay consumes me. Thanks for the advice.

My oldest didn't walk til he was 16 mos. The dr said the normal range is between a yr and 18 mos. Still some kids walk earlier, some later, and they're fine. I wld suggest putting the walker away. What we did w/ our son was to encourage him to come to us by holding out a favorite toy, stuffed bear or ball. First we'd have him hold onto our finger, but soon he was able to take a few baby steps. Practice, practice, practice, but don't push your child too much to the pt that he gets frustrated. This cld backfire on you. Kneel on the floor in front of your child, and hold the toy out for him to grab it. Stay w/in arms reach incase he takes a tumble. If your son is cruising holding onto furniture, and especially if he's able to stand on his own w/out holding on, it's only a matter of time before he takes off. At that pt, you'll have a whole new set of worries keeping him from getting into everything! Good luck, and don't worry.

Thanks for the advice. I think that I will definitely use the favorite toy or stuffed animal thing. You are right, once she starts walking. I will have a new set of worries. lol. Appreciate the information and have a great day.

Glad to help. Just realized in my last response I wrote son, when I shld've wrote daughter in mentioning your child. Sorry for the mix-up.

Dont worry every child progress at its on speed

Hi, Your baby has until 18 months to walk. If you are concerned and do not want to wait, ask your pediatrician for the number for Early Intervention in your county. Usually for free, your daughter can be evaluated by a developmental specialist and/or physical therapist. They will give you activities to do and help you correctly get her to walk. Floor time play is best for her. Walkers will not help her walk. If she needs it, the therapists will see her several times to help you to help her walk.