I think I (we) made a huge mistake!!!
09/14/2010 at 21:32 PM

Well my daughter, Crystal, has always been quite the strange little girl. She's quite small, but fiery, very strong personality. Crystal loves martial arts, that's her passion and she wants to live it to the fullest.
Not too long ago, my husband (in a fit of anger) convinced me that kicking Crystal out of the house was best, because she is now pregnant, and wants to keep the baby. The father is Japanese, and my husband doesn't like him at all (a little racist, not gonna lie). I was upset when I found out about my daughter's pregnancy, but now I realize that I'm going to have a grandchild, and if I don't make things right, I'll never get to see him/her. How do I go about trying to patch things up with Crystal? I need some major advice right now. Her younger brother also misses his sister, and they always got along well. I think we did more harm than good, and I need help in reversing the damage, if it's at all possible.