I need to help my mother.
08/16/2010 at 10:13 AM

Hello, I have a problem with my mother. I think I may have broken her heart pretty badly. She loves me very much and trusts me with everything, but I have crossed that trust and filled her heart with despair. The cause for this was the use of a drug for experimental purposes that had a bad reaction in my body and led me to performing violent outbursts in a friend's home. It was my first time trying drugs, and they unfortunately went horribly and hurt my friends and family more than myself. My younger sister was forced into the situation when me and my friend's families met to speak about the incident, and now she is afraid of me because they showed a video of some of the crazy things I was doing before I was subdued. I am not one to be emotional, but I can't take seeing my mother like this. I haven't even asked her for forgiveness yet! Could I please have some advice on how to start fixing my mom's heart?