I have no social life. Need advice
08/22/2010 at 23:50 PM

I am 26, married and have a 3 years old pretty girl. I also work full time, and work also on saturdays. My husband and i rarely have time to go anywhere, even we do have a little time, he usually doesn't want to go out, just stays at home and watches movies, or just talks with his parents (we live with them). I NEED some kind of social life, as my daily routine is like this: I get up in the morning, get ready for work, get my daughter ready for daycare, go to work, work all day long (sometimes a bit overtime), return home, play for a couple of hours with my daughter, spend some half hour with my husband (we just talk about our day and jobs), then go to bed. Only on sundays is a bit different - sometimes i go to my parents' house on sundays with my girl, or stay at home all day, watching cartoons with my girl or drawing (and getting awfully tired of being at home the whole day).
So, my colleagues decide to go here and there, including Karaoke after work, or on sundays (i dream of going to karaoke, as last time i went there was 4 years ago, before i got married). SO yesterday i asked my husband that next sunday we're planning to go and have some team event with my colleagues (go to horseback riding, or karaoke), and that it's my BIGGEST DREAM to horseback ride. he could also come. He said no. He said you don't have time to spend with your family, and i don't wanna come to horseback riding, because he doesn't find it interesting. And i also couldn't go, because i have to be with him and my girl. I asked "so i must forget about my social life now that i have a child?!" And he said YES!
The problem now is that he's not fun to be with. He's 9 years older than me and he has no interests at all, he's always tired (he works a lot, but i work a lot, too, by the way). I need social life, people! i can't spend my young years not going anywhere, only because i have a child and a husband, who doesn't want to go anywhere. So yesterday he said he will go places with me, only two of us, with the child,. SO we went to the Zoo, and next sunday we're planning to go to the child theatre. But tht's not the most interesting pastime for me, i'm a grown up, and don't wanna go to baby places all the time. I ALSO wanna go to fun places. OMG, i don't know what to do! I am at a loss. i was even thinking, that if there was no child, probably i would get divorced! Please advise me what to do. I have to choose, either to work, and not go anywhere with my team, or stop working or start part-time, so that to have more time, and try to spend that time. Or just get divorced with that uninteresting man. Oh, and one more thing, love has disappeared... for both of us...