I dont know what to do....
08/20/2010 at 13:57 PM

I try to always be honest and open with my four year old. I told her that boys and girls have different body parts and we made names for them, she knows where her sister came out when i went to the hospital to have my youngest daughter. She has told me when i went to work and left her with her uncle that she saw them having sex. I have never explained what that is , but I have now caught her with my three year old son two times closed in a closet with no clothes on and touching eachother. I lost it...i told her that that is her brother and it is not ok to touch eachother like that...I dont know what to do from here and what to do if it happens again.

It's none of your business.

Sorry I was so abrupt.


It is a personal choice. There is nothing unnatural about breastfeeding, no matter how long the mother chooses to do so.


80 years ago in America, it was common especially in poorer families to nurse for a long time. In post war America, it became less common.

I agree with others that it's not your business, but it is outside of the normal convention of today's society.

Personally, I weened mine before they got teeth!

Breastfeeding is personal and should be a choice that each mother makes on her own, not what society thinks.



There is really nothing wrong about breastfeeding a toddler or a 5 year old but then eventually the mother should put a stop to it and teach the child how to have his milk over a glass or cup.

It is true that it is really a matter of choice. To each is own.


My son turned 3 in August and I am still nursing. I know that people don't think this is good and I know I probably should stop but I don't want him to start sucking his thumb because he wasn't ready to be weened. I see that happen to alot of children I work with, whose moms either don't breast feed or stop breast feeding (they supplement by sucking on their thumb or fingers). I know this may not happen but I just don't know how to just stop (cold turkey) him from nursing? I know there is no nutritional value to him nursing now but I am still worried for other habits to form. I am going to my GYN soon, but I just wanted some advice on how to stop? I don't think anything is wrong with nursing longer than a year to be honest (it's just the feed back I get from others). And no..I don't want him to be 4 or 5 nursing either, although I have known people who nursed that long. I just want a way to stop without harming my son in the long run (by him picking up other habits). If that makes sense.