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How to know if their gifted?
09/01/2010 at 23:52 PM

I'm needing to know where to start with my daughter, I'm not sure if she's gifted or what may be going on with her. She just turned 4 in July and I think she is advanced for her age. She knows all shapes and colors and can do simple addition and subtration problems and her vocab is un-real and the things she says are so adult like. She can write about anything and constantly reads, writes, or plays computer games. She started pre-k this year and has been in time out a few times because she never stops talking and she cannot sit still. I spoke to her teacher and she said she didn't know what to do because she feels my daughter cannot control it, she says she thinks it is impossible for her to be still and control the talking! She also stated in order for anything to be done for my daughter (if there is an under-lying issue) I would have to get her an IEP. I need to know what measures to take??

Talk to her teacher again or ask the principal about their testing policy. Most schools don't test until 2nd grade. You can also talk to your child's pediatrician and see if they can provide you with a referral to an appropriate facility or even recommend a local learning center.

I think it is sad that your daughter's desire to talk is being seen as a problem. It may be that she is advanced, but labeling her as "gifted" can cause problems in the future. The Dilemma of the Gifted Child by Alissa Quart talks about this. Your daughter deserves to be allowed to learn without being disparaged until she is old enough to "sit still" and "stop talking." Best of luck for you and her. Matt TheBestForMyChild

I think your first need to know specifically what behaviors the pre-K is saying are a problem. With that bit of information go to your child's pediatrician and get advice. See what testing they can provide or where they can send you to get testing. Have that done and see where that leads you. From what you are saying your daughter may be gifted and/or may have adhd qualities and maybe medication would help for that, but even if she is diagnosed as adhd she does NOT have to have an IEP or 504. The school and you may feel it is necessary, but remember you are in charge of this. Sit down with the school and see what is needed. Maybe they need to be providing more stimulating activities for her... not just giving her paper and pencil activities. If they aren't willing to provide what she needs get her out of there and find someplace that will stimulate her creativity and watch her flourish. Don't let her sit in a classroom bored at such a young age or it will provide a bad precedence for her for her school beginning. Only2boys (teacher, mom to gifted, adhd boys)