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How to get my daughter friends at school!
10/26/2010 at 21:54 PM

My 8 year old was in tears before school and did not want to go to school, as she has no friends. She tells me she tried to go up to a group of girls to join in and the responded "no we right here!" She tried joining into another group and they just told secrets whispering to each other and then running off trying to cut loose my daughter.
My daughter is pretty much the same as the other girls so I do not understand why she is ostracized.
The school she attends is meant to be Catholic Christian attitudes. But it seems they are not teaching and getting through or creating an environment where all people are equal and all should be accepted no matter what they look like or their cultural background. I am going to talk to the school physcologist to see what she has to say. But at the moment I am angry and saddened by the cruel mean girls in my daughter's class.
Plus I feel its my fault as I too can't seem to make a connection with the mums in the school, as they have their cliques and I work.

See if her school offers after-school activities or sports. When my girls were younger they cheered and played tball/softball fireplug, wee-wee, and pee-wee (K-6). They always had a couple friends from sports in their classes.

My 12 year-old is in middle school with kids she didn't start out with since kindergarten. They all seem to have their clicks. She has desperately tried to become friends with different girls and they pretend as if she isn't there when she talks to them. She is a sweet and quiet girl and only wishes to have someone to text and hang out with at the mall like everyone else. It breaks my heart. As she has no siblings or cousins that are nearby she spends every afternoon home alone and the weekends. She has been involved in the drama club as she does not like sports (she is a big girl) and she has been unable to make any relationships through this avenue. Any suggestions???