How cheap is this
07/27/2010 at 17:33 PM

After I had a baby, I was staying with my in laws for a couple of months due to past conflicts, my conversation with them was limited (partly because I did not want to, and partly because I did not want to say anything that might be taken in a wrong way. Who knows how many fights i avoided by talking less.) My sister in law would visit and notice that I don't really talk much to her mom and dad. One day she just started yelling at me, telling me how rude I am to them, and ended by this remark- "my parents do so much for you and the baby, but your parents did not even come to visit the baby." I was deeply hurt by this remark. My parents dis not visit due to medical problems. After yelling at me, she complained to my father-in-law that I tried not to let her have the organic cheese, and instead offered her fungated cheese. This was completely untrue, not to mention totally absurd, because I had no idea the cheese was bad until I opened the packet. In fact, the next day, I checked the organic cheese and it also had a spot of fungus on it. I showed that to my mother-in-law and told her I am throwing it in garbage. Guess what, 2 weeks later, while cleaning the fridge, I found that same packet in the crisper- with 'beautiful fungal colonies'. And on thinking back, I realised why the cheese that she served my father-in-law the day before looked so familiar. My mother-in-law had fished out that packet from the garbage can and put it in the fridge. She could just have told me she will use it before I threw it in the garbage.
I have 2 questions: how would other people feel hearing a comment like this about their parents? Is there anything that is more cheap than what my sis-in-law said and what my mother-in-law did.