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Would love your feedback on Kindred Home - A new app for families available on iPhone
06/06/2013 at 12:50 PM

The topic is mobile, and the big question is now that smartphones are here to stay and our kids are adopting them more and more every day, how can we ever manage to stay connected with them?

My name is Steven and I am a mobile app developer and founder of Kindred, Inc, a very young mobile startup based out of San Francisco. I am writing to your today, because I need your help and feedback. I have recently designed and released an application called Kindred Home, available now on the App Store.

Kindred Home is a productivity application made for families and households of any kind. It is your own household's private family intranet available right on your iPhone.

How it works: each household is limited to 12 members. One household members acts as the administrator and signs up for a new household, then invites up to 11 additional household/family members. All features are meant for daily-use: FridgeDoor, ShoppingList, Todo, and Vote. There is also a section for members to edit their information and fill out a Wish List!

Our goal at Kindred, Inc. goal has been to create a platform that helps families and households eliminate those tedious daily communication and coordination inefficiencies. Kindred Home began as an experiment and was tested in my own home first. Now, I'd like to share this with the world to see if it adds any value to others' lives as it has to my own family.

Kindred Home is meant to recreate the phenomenal sensation of being at home as best as possible, no matter where you are. In order to do that, your household's information will always be kept private and NEVER be sold to third party marketers.

Kindred Home is relatively new, released just at the end of May. My team and I are working very hard every day to improve it, and updates are in the pipeline. We would love to have you and your household use it and get your input. You can find the app at this link:

As I am unable to paste a link, please visit the App Store and search for "Kindred Home" if you are interested.

Thank you for your time!