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When Your Ex Finds A New Lover
07/22/2011 at 17:09 PM

How does it make you feel when your ex finds a new partner?

For those who did not want to end the relationship, this can be quite a nerve racking experience, causing a rush of emotional uncertainty, anxiousness, resentment, and bitterness. This state of unrest can also be linked to those individuals whom might feel a bit inferior or lack a firm understanding of their self-worth.

It isn’t the easiest experience to deal with, knowing that your once existent boyfriend or girlfriend has now moved on. But it will be ok. It’s life, and turbulent patches are sure to come along throughout your journey.

But here is how you can put yourself at ease and find resolution within yourself.

Firstly, you have to give yourself credit for all the mental and emotional support you provided them. You were their crutch in dire situations and probably know them just as well, if not better, than themselves. Depending on the length of the relationship and how intense the bond was, you probably will never be fully replaced; meaning that no one will fill the shoes you now no longer have to wear.

Secondly, think of the physical dynamic you shared. It is always a reassuring feat to know that you rocked your ex-lovers world in the bedroom. Yes, rejoice. You know how good the chemistry was, and now your ex is no longer able to reap the benefits of your immaculate ability to appease their sexual appetite.

Remember, your ex did not, nor does not, define you. You have your own persona, with unique and incredible characteristics and qualities. So don’t compare what was, to what is. Your ex is a thing of the past, for a reason.

If your ex has been able to move forward with their life, now is your time to seek out the qualities that they lacked and find someone whom can truly appreciate you.

What Would Simeon Do?

I am a friend with the majority of my ex-girlfriends. However it did take time to get to the point where we were able to establish a friendship after being a couple. I have always felt that a relationship should not completely end just because the sexual intimacy stopped. If you truly do care for someone and want him or her to be happy, then you should be able to extend that wish to him or her even though they are no longer with you.

I will admit that it does feel great to know that you’ve raised the bar for others to try and reach.

So go put your Sunday’s best on, take a look in the mirror, and smile. You know how happy you can make someone, and a new someone will come along that will fulfill you in ways your ex could have never done.

Your Turn
How do you deal and overcome your ex finding a new lover?