Video Games and Parents
05/27/2011 at 19:00 PM

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Find a job where she is. Move there. Get your visitation order changed so that she can't move away again.

If you had a visitation order that said she couldn't move already, you should have made sure you enforced it. Once you let that pitch sail by, you blew your chance on making her stay where you are.


Here is how you get started. On Tuesday morning start looking for an attorney. Call your local Bar Assoc and ask for a referral; tell them of your situation. If the mother cannot be made to move back in the area where you live, the court can modify the parenting plan so you get more time in the summer with your child, and on school breaks. My only worry is that waiting for so long could reflect negatively on you. Good luck on this, let us know how things are going.