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Opinions on homebirths?
09/16/2008 at 12:09 PM

The debate about homebirths have been in the news lately, with Ricki Lake's documentary of her own experience, and the American Medical Association later emphasizing its stance that a hospital is the best place to deliver a baby. Has anyone had a positive or negative experience with homebirth? Do you think that it should be the woman's choice?

I don't know anything about homebirths. Both of my children were born in the hospital. I personally wld choose to deliver my kids in a hospital where I feel the staff is equipt to handle any difficulties or complications that arise. If a woman was to choose to have a homebirth, I wldn't have a problem w/ it if she's comfortable w/ her decision. I, however, wldn't choose that for myself. That's just my opinion.

Homebirths are quite common in Britain, but only if the pregnancy has gone according to plan and there are no complications. All my babies were born in hospital because that was more common over 30 years ago, even 19 years ago when my youngest was born. Given the choice now though, if everything was going well, I would opt for a home birth.

The last phrase in the original post caught my attention. "the woman's choice?" Well, when you put it that way, since it is a woman's choice whether to end the pregnancy in the first place, I think it is okay to let her determine how to end the pregnancy at the end of 9 months.