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No communication with my son's Mother.
04/10/2012 at 18:52 PM

Me and mary have a soon to be 3 year old son, sad to say that her daughters wanted me to leave and i believe help create the seperation. 1st thing is she had 5 children already, the youngest was 13, the 3 daughters at the time was 15, 17, 19, the oldest her son landry was 21 at the time. the first to kids dad is a convicted rapist (sad to say he was assaulting a woman while she was giving birth to their daughter) she married and her and this man had 3 kids together 2 girls and 1 son. Sad to say that he beat her and them, would take her hard earned money from work, and would eat the food up leaving them hungry at times, she lost her children for a month but was able to get them all back and get him out of her life howbeit with a court order stipulation that the oldest daughter stay away from the house. I come around 3 years later and we hit it off right away, her kids accept me (or at least temporarily) and all i want to do is love her show her she is special and there are still men out there who are good. a few months later her oldest daughter comes to the house with her cousin and begins to blast the music and yell, i in turn call mary to inform her and she calls the house, the daughter then threatens me to get out of the mothers house and that she doesn't like me. the follwing year she let's her move in despite the court order and while she is 3 months pregnant threatens to punch her in the stomach and cause a misscarriage while she had me on speaker phone and threatened me again. During this time i gave her a car when hers broke down and even offered to pay her way through school to get a better paying job as well, afterwards all of her kids started to dislike me so i satyed in marys room during the time i was there and eventually left telling mary until we resolve this i cant stay there. Mary then told me she was going to name the child different then waht we agreed to and did along with keeping me off the birht certificate she put her fathers last name on the birth certificate and has never met her father in her life. We went to court and the judge changed his name to mine and i was able to get 50/50 custody legal/physical, he was 4 months at the time. her and her family still calls him marcus the 1st name even after it was changed 2 1/2 years ago and she says "so what" i told her he is confused to what his name is, she also got engaged to a man after 10 months without telling me having him around our son without telling me, she put him in his own room after meeting him. This man is in his 50's has no job or car, has 2 daughters but they live with their mother and now she has him calling him marcus instead of anthony, please tell me what to do.

not sure what you can do about the whole name thing, but it sounds like your son needs you more than anything. you need to focus on him and his well being . sounds like your ex has allot of issues, mabe you should try for full custody that may be better for your child. hope this helps. i fee sad for you and your son sounds like a tuff situation.