My daughter has been over 4 years and with no concept of number except one. Hence, we try to design an Apple App to teach her nu
07/26/2014 at 18:05 PM

My daughter has been over 4 years and with no concept of number except one. Hence, we try to design an Apple App to teach her number in games. In the game, the items in daily life (such as apples) are displayed to demonstrate the number meaning.

The game is suggested to play on Ipad where the screen is more bigger than Iphone, which leads to better user experience in displaying the exquisite and kid-loved animation. Such as butterflies or bees are flying around, or the sound of water takes kids into magnificent nature.
You can get the game “Kid Maths” from:
https:// itunes. apple. com /us /app /kid-maths /id898265525?l =zh&ls =1&mt =8}

My daughter self-learn numbers in 3 strategies in the game.
1st, learn the meaning of numbers.
2nd, count by herself to check if she get the concept of number.
3rd, promote her numerical recognition by sort numbers from Min to Max.

The 1st game “Learn Numbers” has 4 levels: 1~10, 11~20, 21~50, 51~100

My daughter is only 4 years, and no concept of numbers, therefore, the 1st level is proper for her to start and only ten numbers easy for her to accept.
The 10 numbers are displayed one by one with beautiful, red apples on left to tell her what the number means. In addition, the numbers are played around between 0 and 10. My daughter gets to know these numbers little by little. Moreover, except self-teach through Ipad, we also ask her to count real items in life to promote her recognition of numbers where (in 2nd game) imitate the scene.

In the 2nd game, it can enhance and check the knowledge of number my daughter adopted. Insects or insect-groups are showed to be counted and 3 options which including only one right answer is ready for choosing. Moreover, once click on any option, Ipad will pronounce which make my daughter feel interesting during the game.

The numbers is also divided into 4 levels, my daughter first plays the 1st level (0~10), we let our daughter replay the 1st level to enhance her knowledge of single-digit number.

There’re 15 exercises for my daughter to play counting. Hence, I will let her break after 10 or 15minutes.

After some days, my daughter comes to count by herself though the numbers >5 are difficult for her to count at first.

Later, I found my daughter is not clear about numerical order, such as 3 and 5, which is bigger, which is smaller. Then we developed the 3rd game “Sort Numbers” for her to enhance her recognition of numerical order.

In the game, the height of stairs, similar to victory stand, stands for the numerical value. We ask our daughter to order the numbers displayed and pull to right stair. And the app will help my daughter to judge if she do it right or not. If not, my daughter can try again to pull potential righter number.

After several-days experiences, my daughter can play it by herself and get to know which is min, which is max.

Be careful, once your kids play over one of three-games, make him/her have a rest and if still interested, try again.

In total, the app does well in help my daughter learn numbers. Though, we parents also make practice with them in life to enhance her competence of counting items around daily life.

It’s my pleasure to share my teaching experience with you, wish it’s helpful for you kid education.