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11/10/2013 at 04:05 AM

I've just been to my husbands brother's wedding to a woman everybody hates and knows she trapped him with a child that isn't his.She along with my husbands sister are the worst humans I have come across in my life,yet I get treated like scum.I have a varsity degree and my husband and I are happy and self-sufficient,not requiring any help from any of his family:i found out at our engagement party how they(especially his parents) would do anything for his siblings but when it comes to us,they always have an excuse.Anyway ,back to last night,my husband and a few friends pitched up late and drunk and only stayed for an hour.Now my husband is angry with me because he wanted to stay longer to be there for his brother!I told him he was more than welcome to xtay but I would not endure that snakes den any longer.Even my lovely,false mother in law didnt bother to greet despite us being in the pew right behind her in church.later on when chatting to one of the aunts she pretended to be all smiles.what do i do in this messed up family?i want to avoid all contact with them,as i have in the past???my own mum says its jealousy because my husband and i have a great life without them and our wedding,three months prior,was perfect ,compared to this farce i had to attend yesterday.please help with suggestions to manage this false,lying family