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Keeping Your Teen Safe: Behind the Wheel Seminar
04/24/2013 at 17:17 PM

My name is Kimberly Terrell. I own an insurance agency and as an insurance agent over the years I have received countless calls from parents not only worried about their new teen drivers but they also have so many questions and they feel like they aren't properly prepared. I decided to create a space for both teen and parent to learn together.
The 1 1/2 seminar will teach your about the new provisional laws, why they are in place and what happens if you break those laws directly from a Long Beach Police Officer. Being a new driver is not just a new responsibility for your teen but also for you parents. Along with making sure your child is educated you need to make sure you are educated about what the best insurance coverage’s are for you and your family to protect your home, wages and your future in case of an accident. Learn how to prevent your teen from texting while driving and you will be one of the first to hear about some new and amazing technology that can literally save your child’s life. You will get educated on the dangers of drinking and driving and by learning together my hopes are that you will be able to have a productive conversation with your teen about making smart choices because one bad decision can impact the rest of your life.
This seminar will be held at: Nationwide Real Estate 4425 Atlantic Avenue Bldg C, Long Beach CA 90807.
Please RSVP to: and please be sure to specify the number of attendees because seating in limited.