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going crazy for kid apps
11/09/2012 at 13:57 PM

I'm a parent of a 5yr old who can't seem to stay away from our family tablet. In the beginning we tried to limit time on the device, but it only created frustration and bad feelings for our daughter.

So instead of resisting, we have decided to try and embraced using the tablet for learning. However our biggest challenge has been trying to find high quality learning apps for our kid.

Is any other parent out their having a tough time with this?

What I did find was a neat service called YogiPlay dot com.

It's free and they seem to have a process for evaluating apps for learning quality.

Has any other parent used this service? Are there other services that any of you can recommend?

Please let me know.

Thank you!

Hi there, There are various other apps which are available in the market which can run on android aswell as IOs tablets and these are available on google play and amazon.com. You can check out the Kidsopedia which is a learning game for young children built in an engaging, colourful, and fun learning format.It uses a mix of attractive pictures, sounds, animations, and text to entertain kids and help them learn. Let me know if it was usefull for you. Thank You.

I'm all for active learning! Don't just engage the mind. The best, longest lasting learning will take place when there is experience attached to it, and the senses are engaged. 5 years old is an age where it's alot like 2's-- they get obsessed. It's up to us to vary and control the learning experiences and the environment of our kids. Yes, YOU are the best app your kid will ever find. Along with the library, books, encyclopedias, watching the ants work, growing an herb garden in the window sill, cooking dinner for a lonely or sick neighbor, taking piano and judo, and exploring the world, being with other kids, playing hide and seek and... you get what I'm saying. That iPad is isolating and boring. To be blunt, put that thing away and LIMIT it while you can. Be in charge and lead the way, instead of catering to your son's desires.

I do agree to your point that ipad is isolating & boring..but thats the new trend..and the children are fascinated by it. Times when you cannot allow you child to go out to play or they are at home then kids app is of great help. For eg. if there are guest in your house for dinner and your child is not allowing you to take care of your guest, you can simply give him the ipad to play around n mean while he can learn aswell.Being active of a child is equally very imporatnt.