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giving up the Nuby "ba-ba"...he's 3 1/2!
02/18/2010 at 13:46 PM

Help! I've let my son still drink from his nuby ba-bas and he's almost 4! He gave up traditional baby bottle at 1 1/2yrs when the ba-ba fairy came to our house to take them away. We started with the nuby version as all of his friends were using it as a transition and I thought "good idea". He just adores his ba-bas and they are his only security "attachement-thing". Is it so wrong to let him keep drinking his milk this way? He does drink from cups/straws at mealtime and drinks water via cup too. Any advise would be VERY appreciated!

My children both drank from similar cups until they were over 5. The children I nanny did also and their parents are both doctors, one a pediatrician. Unless he insists you pack one in his lunch when he starts school, there is no need for concern.

Thanks so much for your reply! Any other opinions out there?

I was not familiar with the Nuby bottles and sippy cups until your post. I did a search to see their design and noticed that there are both Nuby bottles and sippy cups. Either way dentists are taught that Psychologically it is ok for children to continue oral fixation habits such as thumb sucking and in this case the ba-ba until age 4 1/2. Studies have shown that to do so earlier could cause psychological problems. The reason that the habit must eventually stop is the fact that having a spout or other nipple like object held between the teeth can cause serious tooth alignment problems and in severe causes adnormally redirect the growth of the child's forming jaw bones. If you get desperate remember that the baba fairy could also return to remove the Nuby!

I am a former pre-school teacher, kindergarten teacher, and Vice Principal of a private school from K-8. I have dealt with children from a teaching perspective in which they came to my classroom and were on a bottle or sippy cup type thing at a latent age. Unfortunately, the school I taught at had developmental milestones that had to be reached for each class level and bottles and sippy cups had to be out the door at age 3. So did pacifiers. This is what I can tell you....don't wait on this, just bite the bullet and get rid of the Nuby. Your child does not need this anymore and can, and will, drink from a regular cup all the time with your encouragement and help. Have a conversation about being a "big kid" now and take your child to the store to buy "big kid" cups that only they get to use. Whatever they want. Have the child pack up the Nuby's as a gift to all the younger kids that need them and "pretend" to send them off to those needy kids. Make this a special event and praise, praise, praise! Call attention to the new cups, praise when they are used and do not scold for spills and such. Clean it up and move on. It is important and part of the growth process for your child to be drinking out of a cup now. It is socially fitting, decreases dental problems, and most of all....prevents long-time oral fixation habits which can set in quickly at this age and are extremely hard to break. Trust me, it is time. Nothing is harder on a teacher than to get a child in a classroom that is a closet bottle drinker, closet binky-user, and I even had a kindergarten student in diapers once too. It is a HUGE undertaking to fix these things when they should have been addressed at an earlier age. I have two daughters and both were off the bottle at 12 months and one had a sippy cup until age 2 1/2 while my youngest went from the bottle to a full-blown cup at 13 months! She thought she was cool like! Out with the Nuby, mom. In with some very awesome and hand-picked cups for your child. cave-ins! No child will starve themsleves of fluids in lieu of tantrums over a Nuby for very long. Hold your ground, offer the cup, and praise, praise, praise! You can do it!!