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Do you respect others bcs of Law, or bcs of Ethics?
03/06/2011 at 14:22 PM

Hi Everyone,

This is realy an interesting subject to discuss. Do you respect your nieghbour bcs of Law, or bcs of your Ethics?

Living in the UK since the past 5 months, have noticed that there are lots of issues here related to the civilian law.

Neighbours are very carefull and sensative to each other bcs of the Law.

If you drop a piece of tissue by accident in the front of a house, he would call the police for you and you would get a fine!.

One of the neighbour's children came with us when I took my sons to the park. He asked his mom and she was fine that he could come with me. Talking to one of my friends in the UK, she warns me from the action and said, "It happend to her before and the mother of that child called the police and said that this lady had kidnapped my son!, however, that lady agreed for my friend to take her son with her." Then she advised me that next time I should let the mother comes with me.

I used to play a game my grandma used to do with us before she died. She used to let us sleep with our belly on the ground, then she started to walk by her hand like a spider on our shoulders, and the one who laugh, will lose. So I did that game with my sons in addition to the child of our neighbour. Everybody was having a nice and funny time. Again, talking to my friend, she said that "If this child will inform his parents, they can charge you with sexsual abuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I started after these actions to be very careful as I do not have any clue about that type of society. It is very common in the Arab world to feel the way you want to feel among guests. I do say "Good morning" to my neighbour there, due to my ethics, not bcs I am scared of him!. Due to my ethics, I will not put the garbage in front of his door, not bcs I am scared of him. I will be very friendly with their children due to my ethics, not bcs I am scared of him. Being scared, is related to the Law of the country. There are rights to be respected, and these rights belong to others.

If a country like the UK and US have these huge numbers of Laws that prevent any individual from assulting or huminilating any other person for any simple reason, then why there are this amount of crimes and sexual abuses? The number of crimes and sexual abuses in the Arab world is less according to the number of Laws. There is not even one single case in any Arab city that said "there is fine to this house due to the noise they did to his neighbour", simply bcs that Arabic house will not do that due to the ethics.

Living in a Arabic society is less tension. Is it the same in the US? One of our Arabic friends is living in the US. He went with his friend to a night club. The 2nd man started to film his friend with his mobile to have fun. The next day, that film was on youtube, and the 1st man had lots of problems relates to his public reputation. However, the 1st man went to the police authority to complain against his friend. They arranged a fine and the movie was deleted.

If you have these laws in the US for any single complain, then why the numbers of crimes and sexsual abuses are increasing? What will happen to the western society then, if there is not a law for any single complain?

Randosha, great topic. Personally I teach my children to be respectful towards others and especially elders through my own actions. My father explained to me that the older generation is the one that paved the way for us. I notice many kids walk through a doorway and do not look behind them to see if someone is coming. I always check and hold the door for others, now my kids have caught on and do the same. Makes me very proud to see them be courteous to others.

SnglDad, What you are saying is very true bcs you grapped the info from your Dad who came from another generation. The issue today is the generation of today. The couples of today. The nieghbours of today. Do they have the patience to learn?. Are they ready to learn?. Do they have time to learn?. What make me feel odd, is that these nos. of laws with these nos. of crimes? The logic sense said it should be less, shouldnt they?

Very interesting article

I think parents need to teach their children the basics of right and wrong according to ethics only. Bcs when you put the basic in a child, the Law later on, will be a secondary factor. The society is much difference than 50 or even 30 years ago. Children were eager to learn. Now they are eager to be violent. Teenagers used to be shy in public, now they are not even shy in front of their parents. What the generation will be after 10 years from now, only God knows?

What do you do usually when you see a new neighnbour has came to your area? Do you send them sweet dish, or go and introduce yourself to them?

I had a very strange incident before a week. Some kids in the nighbourhood had a very bad attitude with me personally as they have stolen something from our backyard and being caught by me. Those kids were the favorites to my children and although they are playing in OUR backyard all the time. I talked to them firmly but it seems they were disrespectful to adults. So I went straight away to their Mom. I explined to her what has happened exactly, then I said "If they dont like my children, pls tell them not to come to our house again." The story ends that the mother ordered her kids to say sorry and was accepted.

The next day, I cooked a soup to my family which contains (yogurt, lemon, mint, water, & garlic) with meat balls floating in. And as you can see from the ingridents, the taste of the soup difinitly will be sour. IMHO, an individual should distingwish between the bad attitude of kids, and their parents bcs simply its not the parents' fault. As a result, I took a bowl of soup to that mother and said "I had made a very dilicious soup, hope you like it." My message was "whatever comes between the children, will not effect on our relationship." After a while, her son came, holding the bowl, filled with the soup, and said "My mom said thank you for the soup, its too sweet!!!"

My conclusion: 1- she didnt respect my attitude and didnt behave with courtesy. 2- if she didnt like the soup, she could simply throw it in the bin, wash the plate, and send it back with a thank you. 3- saying that the soup was very sweet conflicts with the sour taste it has. 4- how can she send the food back to the sender, as if expecting that we would eat it again!. This behaviour gave me future limitations with that family, as the parents do not worth more than greetings. There is no law prevents her from that behaivour rather than courtesy and being polite.

Before one week, my woolon shirt had a hole bcs of the door handle. I went to the thread's shop to find a color that matchs, but no luck. The edge of the shirt had a crochet's design, where the hole was. Then, an old lady who was a customer, suggested that she would give me a hand. I did not know that she was a master of the crochet! So I gave her my shirt, and took her number. After few days, she called me and the shirt was done. Although she did not find a similir color but some how close. I was happy with it, but she refused to take any money. Yesterday, I did a sweet dish and went to her house. She was very happy. And I had a wonderful peacful feeling. I think this would be a reference to ethical & religion in the same time.
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Jim, in all of your travels around the world, how were you able to maintain a relationship with your children? Are they now grown?

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