Creative ways for Mom's to make money
02/02/2009 at 12:00 PM

There's no doubt that being a parent is a full time job, but without the luxury of a paycheck. As a mom (or dad), what are some creative ways you've come up with to make a little extra money?

I figure part of my job as mom is to foster economy in the household. We rarely eat out, I prepare most meals from scratch, we wear hand-me-downs and garagesale and thrift-store purchases. I replaced the incandescent bulbs with CFs, and I still encourage that empty rooms are also dark rooms. We mend clothes (but not socks!) My husband rides a bicycle to work, weather permitting. We buy used cars and pay cash for them. We use the public library for books and movies.


This is a great post. I'd love to hear other ideas as I'm interested in possibly working from home at some pt. I have a friend that has an e-bay business, and she's pretty busy w/ that. I've thought about freelance work since I used to work in publishing. We'll see what the future holds.


I also haunt the local thrift shops and garage sales, but I also look for resale items: for example, I see a good value product (hand made sweaters, denim jackets) I buy them for say $3 and sell them for $5or$6.My kids' high end clothing is resold to fund the next size up. I am also blessed with the ability to both bake and sew. Cakes, goody baskets and homemade preserves for friends and neighbours, or a new set of simple curtains or a crib quilt can make a tidy profit. I have also done light domestic chores for elderly neighbours, I don't charge much. Happy neighbours and a bit of cash in my pocket are payment enough. I have found even a few dollars here and there start to multiply as the months go by.


Your post stated you used to work in publishing. Letter or report writing services, invitations seem to always be needed. Get creative write personalized books for your children and others. Maybe give them out as part of a birthday present. Your local library is a good resource, libraries often carry programs for resume writing, geneology etc. Start submiting letters to the editor of your local paper. You never know what opportunities are out there for you.


As a mom of six boys,I know its not easy to get by.I have supplemented our income by doing child care although I know that's not for everyone.I've found I also enjoying doing jewelry shows for a family owned company founded by Arthur & Shirley Levine.It's a great way to get out of the house and get paid for having fun.I have a personal web page for the leading "green" company too, owned by Roger Barnett.It brings in a couple $$ without even leaving the house. You may have even read the book written by his wife Sloan."Green Goes With Everything"These are just a few ideas,any questions or comments just drop a line my way.


Thank you. I like your ideas a lot. I wld love to start my own stationary or card business, but there's so much competition out there already. I'll have to tinker w/ a few ideas before I really find my nitch. Thx!


I as well save money by going to yard sales and thrift shops. I have also resold items for more money at my yard sales or at the second hand clothing stores.

I also cut coupons even though it is a pain.

I've done tutoring, after school programs, and have taught summer school as well.

I learned to knit last year, so I am now trying my luck at selling a sweater at curves. I also make nice hats and scarves... alot of those I gave as Christmas presents.

I'm still looking for more work I can do from home with a 3 yr. old.. hopefully I'll come up with something.

I've also thought about trying to write and publish children's books... just have to get up the courage and get some good ideas to write about. As many children's books I've read with teaching and my sons, I should be able to do it. :) I guess I'll have to do some research as to publishing companies. Has anyone out there published any children's books???



I used to work for a children's publisher. It's a competitive business, but it doesn't hurt to try. Of course it's always helpful to know someone, but if you start small, you never know what cld happen.


Just a note, The better business bureau says you have a better chance of being struck by lightning than having one of the internet-offered work at home schemes being legitimate. My grandpa was struck by lightning, so maybe you'll get lucky, too.


Find something you love and work out how to make a business from it to fit around your family. The advantage of being your own boss is that you work when it suits you.



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I agree with sunshine.. once you find something you love that you think you can be successful at, all you need is a small investor to help you with the financial expenses!