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Cord blood banking?
08/12/2008 at 13:56 PM

What have new moms or soon-to-be moms decided about cord blood banking? Did you decide to donate, store, or none of the above?

I didn't do this with my babies, but if it wasn't so expensive, I might have. I think it may actually be a long way off before doctors will really be able to use cord blood to treat diseases, so even if I had banked the cord blood and my child had a disease, chances are the cord blood wouldn't help.


This was an option for us, but in the end we decided not to do it for financial reasons. It's an individual decision and a great concept if you can do it.

I didn't have an opportunity to do this because I delivered early and before I set everything up properly. From what I understand, it's a long way off from becoming regulated and therefore you're buying into an insurance policy you're not certain will be effective. Having said that--It may buy peace of mind.

We didn't store, but would have donated it if we could have. I didn't find it to be easy to donate (at least at our hospital) which I found to be unfortunate. As a previous poster mentioned, it's an insurance policy that may not work out if/when you need it, depending on the circumstances. I do think the marketing of it plays into a lot of people's fears. But for us, the cost of storing, weighed against the "what if" and the fact that there's no data on success rate many years out led us to not banking.

We didn't store either for all the same reasons listed above. It was a difficult decision not to store but we didn't feel there was enough information about it at the time. We did have a friend recently diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. When she met with her oncologyst for the first time his first question was did she store her sons cord blood. She didn't but now wishes maybe she had. He couldn't guarantee it would have helped but if she needed a bone marow transplant it could have possibly been used. But the good news is she is doing great and woudln't have needed it anyway :)