Computers & Children
01/20/2010 at 14:03 PM

I wanted to know if there were any games online that my little one who is 8.. well not quite little anymore.. where he can play some games? At what age have you let or will you let your children get on the computer?

i would go to fun school or cool math


My cub scouts, my 12 year-old daughter, all like Poptropica. It has very good limits--no personal information is collected.


someone has suggested to me a site called Fantage- I am going to be checking it out today...


Things have really changed over the past several years. Children are learning things now that I learned in middle school. I think that the earlier they are exposed to computer usage, the better off they are. But I would choose for them to participate in games that would not only be fun, but educational. There are a lot of them. You could go to and find some of these educational games.


I found that our local library has a list of child / age appropriate website links, so you might check there. You can posibly even just go to their website to see if you can find any such links, and then just bookmark / save as favorites any that appeal to you for future use.

My kids are growing up, with one teen, so i have different PC issues to deal with. I may write a separate post - looking at software that monitors PC activity.


I recently discovered this site: I've used it a couple of times searching and asking questions and found it pretty informative. I don't know if it helps, but I like it.


Khidz has links to eductational games sites which can be used as the childs homepage. For an 8 year old this would probably be the best page


Actually, I happen to know a bunch of good sites online. For Math and Science, check out Skatekids from Kabongo - and there's also Kidzui, which is a kid safe web browser. hope that helps!


My kids love Starfall (