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home birthing mums
02/07/2013 at 21:45 PM

I'm planning a home birth and noticed there may be some need for a blog on her for home birthing mummas as I'm sure I'm. Not the only one xxxx

It's a wonderful thing that your trying to do. I pray you make a difference and find deep relationships through this site. I'm sure you will have opposition but that only means your glorifying God. Satan doesn't like things that are successful. :). God bless

Honestly I do have a prayer :). My child has lice and it has been awful to get rid of. I feel nothing is working and I've done everything you can think of. I just need jesus to come in and zap my bugs. Lol. It's one of those times where you just need peace. I know this is a 1 st world problem but it is taking away my sanity. I feel I'm at a point where only God can cure my daughter. I'm guess I'm just shooting for the two in my name :). Thanks