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Bed Wetting and Stress
07/09/2011 at 01:24 AM

As a child, I wet the bed nightly from about 5 to about 11. I won't bore you with all the disgusting details but can offer why I wet and how it finally got resolved.

It's a bit troubling for me to read all these articles from professionals who tell you how to deal with bed wetting and all the stuff you are supposed to buy. I guess they do not ever dare tell you the truth least you get ticked and they lose your business - a very HUGE AND LUCRATIVE BUSINESS!!!!

In my case, extreme emotional stress, fear, nightmares and vivid dreams in which I took a nice, relaxing Pee, were the REAL causes of my wetting. But more to the point, the cause under all this emotional stress came from my parent's very bad and unhappy marriage! My dad was a HITTER and I lived in perpetual terror of him. There were many, many other unhappy, frightening or distressful conditions in our home and I lived like a PTSD victim so, when I went to sleep, I'd have a horrifying nightmare and "go" or I'd have a very vivid dream in which I was happily "going".
I did not know how to deal with any of this as a child and lived in either deep depression about my BAD BEHAVIOR or dread fear of it!
My parents tried everything from spanking, threatening, shaming, ridiculing, BRIBERY, waking me at night to "go", no water after 6, tons of rubber sheets and bedding which I washed out BY HAND, dozens of doctor visits, etc., etc. LOL, they never would have gone to marriage counseling or examined them selves. They were considered model parents in those days!!! So everyone agreed that it was ALL MY FAULT!
It went on and on and on and on.......until I began having nocturnal erections at about 11 and this caused me to wake up and use the toilet or pot.
If your kid is "wetting", I'd recommend you examine your self and your marriage or anything in your kid's environment that MIGHT be causing your child stress and fear - even a little bit!