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Bed Wetting
03/12/2011 at 13:13 PM

I have three children , all girls . All of them were potty trained and night trained by the age of three except for my middle child. She is eight and shows no sign of stopping her bed wetting . We have tried taking away the pull ups , cutting out drinks after 6 pm and trying to wake her up during the night to go to the bathroom. I am against medication and was wondering if anybody hads any ideas for us.She has has multiple bladder infections and tests to see if the could find out why she is getting so many (all the tests were inconclusive)Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated

Does drinking cranberry juice help with her bladder infections? If she has a medical condition that could be helped with medication, I would re-consider that. perhaps trying medication for a few weeks would give you a better idea of whether it would be helpful.

My brother had the same issue growing up, with no medical problems. I believe she will grow out of it, or her bladder will grow into her by the time she hits puberty. I know my brother did. My suggestion is to be supportive and let her use the pull ups. She isn't choosing to wet the bed. Less embarrassment for her, less mess for you. Good luck

Has she been seen by a Pediatric Urologist? The 9 y/o girl for whom I nanny has a medical condition causing enuresis. Her parents are both doctors, she wears a pull up every night with no recriminations or shaming from anyone. The specialist who saw her said she will grow out of this conditon after puberty. Please do not make her ashamed of a condition she likely cannot control.

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