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Are you using cloth or disposable diapers?
08/28/2008 at 11:15 AM

I'd love to do my part to help the environment, but the thought of dealing with cloth diapers seems so overwhelming to me, on top of everything else to think about with a newborn.

What do people recommend?

I've also heard that babies who wear cloth diapers don't get as much diaper rash.

In any case, to answer your question cjmom2be, if you feel overwhelmed at the thought of figuring out cloth diapers at the start, you could always wait a few weeks or a month until you settle into motherhood and then change to cloth. That's what my sister did. They're working great for her.


It's amazing how man diapers a baby goes through before he/she is potty trained!! I did not realize this until I had a kid and I have three!! I have contributed to soooo much waste. I never used cloth diapers and I should have. Plus, as a working mom, it's hard to find a care giver who is willing to use cloth. I have to say, if you can use cloth then you should because I live on the earth and I would like to see everyone doing as much as they can. I do what I can now to make less waste, but I sure did not use cloth diapers.

Cloth nappies are so easy these days. You can get so many different types and they are shaped, have velcro or poppers, have soft liners etc. You put a one-way disposable liner in them which can be flushed when soiled. Just put them in a covered plastic bin to soak. You can get sanitising liquid or powder but it is optional. Then you just wash them in the machine. You should check the options out. As for care givers, I don't see why they wouldn't use them. They are just as easy to use as a disposable. We use cloth nappies in our nursery for all children. They come into nursery in their own nappies and their first nappy change is into one of our cloth ones [which are laundered to very high hospital standards by the supplying company]The children get changed into a 'home nappy' again before they go home. We do have some exceptions to this with children who have exzema etc. I wish they had been around when my children were small. I used the traditional terry towelling squares which you had to fold, pin etc.

Junie, your like a genious... I had no idea cloth diapers had come so far!!

I had no idea either. I babysat for one family who used cloth diapers, and I cldn't get used to them. These diapers had pins, however. Maybe if they had velcro, I'd be more open to using cloth diapers on my own kids. It wld definitely save us a lot of $, and it wldn't hurt to do something good for the environment. My husband's already telling my 3 yr old that if he's not out of diapers soon, he's going to start deducting the cost from his savings. Unbelievable I tell you.

Research has said that children who wear cloth nappies potty train quicker than children in disposables. Another bonus.

my daughter is not a baby,she is 13 years old but wets the bed.we use only cloth diapers and rubberpants on is not that hard to wash her diapers and dry them.she has had the best luck with the cloth diapers,having broken out in rashes from pullups and goodnites.

I think cloth diapers is a better choice for newborn during the day.At night ,disposable diapers is better.