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Are traditional parental rules, still working?
08/10/2011 at 15:02 PM

Hi everyone,

The generation is different with the openning of technology, the principles of our grandparents are worthless, the colors of the streets are differents, the friends of your sons & daughters are different, so what are the alternatives to stand against this mental occupation?

Yeah.. Its true.. I like to read this kind of things..1!

In my opinion, we as parents, need to learn the street's language, not bcs we will speak in at home, but to understand how the real street community is all about. We can not prevent our children from going to school bcs there are bad things happening there in the break, or bcs our kids are learning things you do not want, or hearing things you do not want. We can not close the internet bcs it has lots of bad effect, or prevent the kids from going out bcs of the wrose cases.. There must be a way to teach the kids, or even teach their parents, how to live life properly. And sometimes other parents will not believe that their children are effecting the neighbourhood badly, this is the worse part.

There is a big problem concerning the under age children. A child who is under age, can do anything to you, or to your kids, or to your family, or to your property, but he is out of law bcs he is under age!. I do not thing that is an appropirate order of law. Kids who are under age, are using this to blackmale their parents, or other parents. They know that the law/police is in their side, so how you will be able to teach them right from wrong, if they know that they are allowed to do whatever they want????

I don't know what it is in the UK, but in the US children can be charged with crimes, can be required to make repayment, and can be removed from their homes.

Hi mayamay, Good to see you still writing, I have sent you an email asking about you and your family but there was no reply. It is good to charge children who are under age bcs this is the only way they will feel that they are responsible for their bad actions, otherwise, they will swim in disorder.

The most concen issue is the parent. For example, there is a common issue among under age children. If a child had a fight about something with his friend, he will start teesing the whole family of that friend!!. We had this situation, and stones were thrown on our windows,car's mirror has been broken, swearing, and more unrespected behaivour. The parents of these children have been informed, and they instructed their kids to apologize, and they did. And they became friends with each other again. After another fight, the some thing continue to be happen.

Using the F word is very common among children. One of the them kicked the door of my house with his feet. It was such a kick that the whole door shaked. I opened the door and asked him (as I know him mum), "why did you do this?". He said the F word. "Dont use this word with adults", I said. "I am allowed to", he said. I went to him mom to talk to her, she said calmly "what a silly boy"!!!!!!

If the child has been learned to do what he wants bcs he is allowed to, and the parents are not tough with him, so what type of generation we would have?

In Arab society, the children are very shy from their friends' parents. They encourage their friends to listen to their mom, to respect her, even if they are not behaved themselves, and to pay attention to their dad's words.

My Arabic friend is living in the US, I had a chat with her yesterday and she said "I had put a box of pepsi cans in the garage. My son saw from the window, 2 children at the age of 10, entering the garage and steal that box. The children saw the boy looking at them and they did not pay any attention, and both were girls" My friend called the police and the answar was "when you see them next time, let us know"! Then how on earth they will catch them, is it within seconds! And it seems even if you know those children, and know where they live, the police can not catch them unless they are caught by them, then what about the eye witness of the first person?

I think we need to re-sort our parental regulations, it seems they are not efficient any more.