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Anything suitable for climbing at home
12/10/2010 at 19:40 PM

Hi, need advice. There are already cold outdoor and my son 8 and daughter 5 y.o. cannot play too long on open air. So, I am looking for anything suitable for climbing, swarming up and playing indoors.

Does anyone who have already anything for climbing at home?

Thanks in advance, Ann

We have 5 children and whem my now 9 3/4 yo was around the age of 3-4 she climed on everything! and with the age diffrences and they are all home schooled it made it hard to be able to get everyone outside but I still was not comfortable with "tree climbing" in short we built a very safe secure climbing wall in our spair room i will post more info and pix soon tj PS we used a pullie whell and d link and true "climing rope " we made the safty harness useing a dog harness NO JOKE IT SOUNDS UNSAFE AND WACKIE BUT IT TRUELEY WORKS.

A sturdy bunkbed has always been an asset in my home.