Almost 7 year old little sister want and think to have sex??
05/16/2013 at 17:56 PM

Hi, I am concerned for my little Sister (Sarah)'s life. She has done many innapropriate things such as i found on her new ds that we gave to her for her birthday Pics of her vagina she took secretly and she doodled (drew) on her ds a heart on her vagina (picture of vagina) and wrote in words "I want to have sex and "this is my pp" and pp is private part in our family. We use the word pp like "Your clothes should cover your pp." Anyways since im only 11 I cant get my sister a psychaitrist no joke I need help! PLEASE help! and yes she think s she had a kindergarten boyfriend from the bus but he doesn't teach her anything. She tries kissing him but he doesnt let her and My mom just tells my sister to not do that and the consequnces. I need serious help. PLEASE! im not a troll. this is real, -Hannah Grace B.