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after 15 years with my partner i cheated
09/27/2012 at 02:41 AM

have been with my bf for 15 years and a year ago i cheated. im still in love with him and we are together as we speak. i dont know why i did it. i never thought in a million years this would be something i would do. why would i do something like this we were having problems yes, but have had similar fights over the years. has anyone else made this bad choice as well if so would like to hear your comments and advice.

I would just say don't punish yourself forever. Yes it's wrong but we all make awful mistakes at some point in our lives. Being honest and remorseful is really a big step. Even ppl chosen by God in the bible committed adultery and some even murder. I think it's the choices you make after that define you and your relationship. My husband went through the temptation of porn and that really hurt me. But through conversation, change, and prayer we are closer now then we have ever been. For you to still love each other after heartache speaks all the more how blessed you are to have one another. I wish you the best!

thank you sooo much! your words and kindness really give me hope.

We all make bad choices in life but it's how you overcome these bad choices that will make you a better person. I wouldn't be too hard on yourself and I would also put yourself in your partners shoes. What would you want him to do if he made cheated on you?

very good point.