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Advice needed on moving my entire family in.
04/01/2014 at 07:41 AM

Hi! This is my first post.
So recently, my family and I have decided to pool together our finances and all move in together. Just so you guys know, we're not in any financial difficulty but we chose to live like this for supposed practicality reasons. Also, when I mean family I don't just mean the wife and kids. So let me introduce you guys to the entire cast of characters that I share a roof with. Firstly there's my wife and 3 kids. 2 sons and a daughter along with my son in law. However it doesn't end there. We then have my mother and my 4 siblings. 3 of them are already grandparents and they have their kids and grand kids living with us as well. In total I have 6 nephews and nieces along with 4 of their spouses and 4 grand nephews and nieces. One of my nieces mother-in law and grandmother in law live with us as well. Also count my sisters husbands as my brother has recently been widowed. My aunt will be moving in next week as well. If you think that's a houseful you're barely half way there. I didn't want the wife to feel dominated by my family and this move will have her move away from her family. So, to make things fair I decided to invite them to move in or at least somewhere near to where we are now. Fortunately the place we found could accomadate them all. So we have my wife's mother, step father, brother, 3 sisters, one of the sisters husband and son, uncle, 2 aunts, cousin, his wife and their son. Also, a close friend of my mothers who has no family and is unable to care for herself anymore is living here as well. Also my son in laws parents live next door

So far, I'm actually enjoying this living arrangement and so are the wife, kids and everyone else. But I still have to find a way to keep things organized. So if you guys have any experiences with this kind of living arrangement or have some advice, I look forward to hearing it
Thanks guys :)

In total there are 43 of us. We age from 3 months to 91 years old with most of us in our late 40s to mid 50s. There is definetly enough space as we all chipped in to buy a 40,000 square foot property and are in the process of constructing another 3000 square foot area behind the home to possibly accomadate more relatives. Also we have assigned duties to each person to ensure that everything keeps running smoothly. Each person from each side takes turns to pay for the medical bills of the old folks at home. With each person paying for his or her own parent. Another relative will also help support any childless old person in the house. Each parent is responsible for their own child's school fees and my brother and brother in law take turns to send them to school. Everyone also takes turns to pay certain bills. Everything's going well so far and ill keep u guys informed