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Who can home school?
07/09/2007 at 14:50 PM

Can a Nanny home school the children she cares for?

Why not?  Sounds like this nanny should be top notch and well paid!


You have to check the laws in your state. Try www.hslda.org to get the laws in your state. If the state requires a diploma or ged then your nanny would need that. Some states require more, some less.


Most states indicate that only the legal guardian (parent/grandparent, etc) can home educate the children of the home. If a nanny is employed to educate the children then he/she must hold a degree in education or be certified in that state to teach and the home must be registered in the state as a private school. But leaving education up to a stranger, albeit a nanny, kind of defeats the purpose of home schooling. One might as well spend the money that is used for a nanny on a good private school if the parent isn't able, or unwilling, to stay at home with the children to home school.