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Welcome to the homeschooling board!
06/05/2007 at 21:37 PM

I just wanted to welcome everyone to our new and improved boards.  I think that everyone will love the new updated boards, they are so easy to navigate and to read. 
I am Marti and I will be here to help you with any questions you might have and to enjoy the boards with you!  Please let me know any suggestions or feedback you might have.  If there are any great boards we should add, I would love to hear what you think.
Again, welcome and I look forward to getting to know everyone soon.

How about a e-school message board. There are alot of them out there. E-school are the on-line schools, some of them are public schools or schools without walls.

There is a big difference in homeschool and schooling at home.

I  have two children in e-school (Connections Academy)and I think it would be nice to have a place where parents could talk about the differences in the e-school, what works or doesn't work for them, exchange ideas, and find help.


Or even a place to gather information on e-schools, for those parents thinking about joining.


Thank you for you time





Hey ohioca,


I will pass on your suggestion about the board, in the meantime why don't you start a thread on this board about e-schooling and see who else is out there to discuss and share ideas with.


Thanks for the suggestion.






i am so glad to have found this site, and i am a new homeschooling mom, our 14 yr old son is adhd and well we have removed him from our near by public school, and well jeremy was not to keen on the idea, lol, but now we have started a little of our homeschooling in the summer while he is off. he was to make a add for his mowing and lawn service and he was to make his own prices and all the details for this.

well he has done it and so far he has no customers but he still has to go house to house to look for them, he is wanting to buy a box turtle and to raise it for his project for our homeschool.  i told him i want him to do research on it, and he well be in charge of buying what his box turtle will need.

i know with the help of God and his gudiance our son well make it, the public school was not helping him at all, he was having a hard time keeping up with the class and he could not ask questions because he said he would feel dumb if he asked a question especially if the teacher had just told the class what he was wanting to ask.

so with this forum and this site i know it well be a blessing to jeremy and i.



Hey Scottishmom,


Welcome to the boards, I am glad you found us!  It sounds like you are having a good success with your homeschooling concepts, keep up the good work.


Please feel free to post on all sorts of threads here and also to create your own discussions as you have things you would like to discuss.






Hi Marti:

I'm not a parent myself, but I joined to express my own opinions about education past and present. I went to public school up until fourth grade, and from there, I had to go to special education school, which to me was the best. But also, my mother sent me to Catholic school for CCD classes as well. I had to go anyway in  order to receive Holy Communion and Confirmation.

I go swimming at the local YMCA, and there were two women who were coming in at 1 o'clock with their kids, who were of course homeschooled. I wondered why there were kids that age in the pool at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, so I asked them about it, and that's when I learned that they were homeschooled. The one mother told me that she and her husband decided to homeschool their kids long before they had children, and besides, she doesn't like the school district that they're in. I told her that I don't blame her one bit; there's simply too much violence in the schools today.

Not only are the kids being attacked, but the teachers as well. Back in February, a high school math teacher had his neck broken by a 15-year-old kid who was trespassing in the school. When he was born, his mother was on crack, and his father didn't want anything to do with. At another school, a 13-year-old girl said to a substitute teacher "F YOU, MR. SMITH!" I saw a picture of this teacher in the newspaper and he had is hands over his face like he was crying, and it just brought tears to my eyes.

Two years ago, one of the local newspapers ran a story about parents taking matters into their own hands in the public schools, and not going through the proper channels. For example:

1, One guy pulled down his pants in front of a female principal.

2. One mother told her daughter to fight another student, but when a teacher intervened, the mother told the teacher to "mind your own business".

3. One mother attacked a teacher with a desk right there in the classroom.

4. An elementary school principal was attacked.

It's just an absolute disgrace when I hear stuff like this  happening in the public schools. understand why a lot of parents choose to homeschool their kids, and I don't blame them one bit. I