09/25/2007 at 07:57 AM

my 12yo son is adhd and odd/ld is has been a long battle in school. last year he had str8 f ' s but was passed to the 7th grade . he had very high marks on the i-leap. we had trouble with one person at the school as i was told by her she will keep writieing him up til he was put out of school. then she told me to keep him home the last two weeeks of school . i asked her about the days he will miss will count aginst him and was told she will not coult them. i asked for it in writing and she said ok at first but then backed out of it . it almost got her intorouble.

 this year is the same i asked for him to be placed in a new school but the school board would not hear of that. now here the kicker. friday my son was yelling in some kids face and was told to stop. he did not he was told again and he got up set the teacher grabed him by the arm and he turned and slaped her arm and hand he said she was hurting him. so he is now charged with battery and was put out of school. i refused to send him to pass and i am thinking of omeschooling. but also i dont give my son right by what he done. ont he other hand she was hurting him and he was acting on that . what should i do should i press charger on the teacher . if she did not grab him he would have not slaped her arm . i dont know what to do at this point. i am planning on homeschool but it that fair to him?

I get so mad whenever I hear about injustices done in public schools! Home education is a great option for you, even if it's just for a year or two,until you can get a better handle on your son's issues. Being home may make a big difference for him.And you! How fair was it for him in public school to be manhandled by a teacher? As for the teacher, I personally would lodge a complaint with the school board and at the least demand an apology. If their attitude is bad then I surely would mention pressing charges and carry through with it if they don't back down. (For your own coverage, I would start a written detailed account of the events thats occurred,dates,times,etc.)

If PS teachers cannot handle diagnosed students that need help,then they shouldn't be teaching those students.I hope your son is doing well and this works out for you.


I realize this is a difficult situation, but consider the teachers view point.  Did she feel she needed to protect the other child? You do mention that your son has oppisitional defiance disorder, adhd with learning disabilities. Is it possible she felt she had to restrain your child? If she felt the other child was in danger, what other choice did she have? don't get me wrong here, I'm not for anyone hurting a child, but this situation seems to have gotten blown up on both sides of the story. I also have a special needs child. Where is your I.E.P. team? They need to be working with you.  A child with oppisitional defiance disorder should have an aid with him. Is he being treated for the adhd ? some meds bring out aggresion in kids. check with the doctor. Home schooling is always an option, but do you have the resources to teach a special needs kid? I know exactly how difficult it can be to work with a child with several learning disabilities. It may be to your benift and you childs to sit down with the teacher, principle, I.E.P. team and work out a solution you all can agree on. Your child is getting older, and people are going to expect him to  be responsible for his actions. You need to get all the people involved in his education to work with you, and this may mean you getting more  invovled and expecting better behavior from him.In the long run, this is what you want.I agree this is a difficult situation for you and it's not going to be easy. I truely hope things get better for you and your son.


I totally agree with you.  The previous poster was ready to slam the public school system as like this is how all teachers in the public school system behave.  Not to knock homeschooling but that is not always the quick safe answer to a child's education.  My daughter does have a learning disability and as ou said, I worked with the teachers,principal and the school's child study team and we worked hard to find a solution to fit my daughter's needs.  She is now in an inclusion class with a teacher who is knowledgeable and who's expererienced working with children with disabilities.  I already see such a difference from last year.  Her teacher told me she has adjusted to her new class and is coming along very well.    I think that the public school system can work as long as parents are involved and let their voices be heard. Why wasn't the child study team involved with the poster's son as well as the teacher, principal etc.  I also agree I think things were probably blown up un both sides which I can understand.  I would like to know if the child is on medication.  Is the parent requesting meetings with the child study team, principal and teachers?  She she working with her son at home.  Has she been in constant contact with the child's doctor and letting him/her know what is happening?  I do agree that we, as parents, need  to be involved with how their child is being educated as well with the people who are educating them.  The most important thing is what is best for your child.  Being involved with the educators and your child will help your child get the best education they deserve.


This is a sad situation and my discourage this child from trying and will follow him throughout his public school experience. Home Schooling may be your best option to keep this child continuing his education. If you don't try, he may drop out of school altogether.