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Taking the plunge next month- any tips?
01/10/2011 at 12:07 PM

Hi everyone!

I have been praying about the homeschooling topic for the past 2 years now and feel that the Lord has cleared a path to follow through. I have struggled with the idea because I was personally so bad at school and staying focused as an ADHD kiddo- I never really felt like I was qualified to school my own kids!

We have 6 kiddos and are expecting our 7th in May, so we have a lot going on. My eldest is 11 1/2 attending 6th grade in what I thought would be a great school for her. It is a 6th-12th Arts & Communication Magnet Academy in our school district and she is very gifted in her artistic abilities. However, the public system along with the mature environment of this school is blatantly a detriment to both her moral standards and her ability to get work done and turned in. She needs to all but be micromanaged already and she is just falling deeper and deeper into the hole. She has had an ongoing IEP at school for comprehension issues and she needs more hands on teaching.

The social aspect of the school is shocking, to say the least. She is around the sexual ferver of the high schoolers and I found out she already has a boyfriend of which her older classmates are 'urging' her to kiss behind the giant curtains at the school.
Recently I went to pick her up for a doctor's appointment (she has Juvanile Rheumatoid Arthritis) and heard a gaggle of girls singing, "Birthday sex! Birthday sex!" down the hallway. I was appalled.

Until now I haven't had the space to have a proper study area or storage for supplies that weren't being rummaged through by kids as well as I am due to give birth in the next 4 months. But we are moving the first week of February into a WONDERFUL serene and peaceful kid space with a huge family room and I am absolutely PUMPED to get everything in order, organized and ready to homeschool Abbie! I REALLY feel the tug to pull her out when we move and get her going ASAP before she completely drowns herself and myself in issues with school work and social problems.

We have 3 Mac computers at home and all my kids are computer literate, especially Abigail. My 5th grader (who is a piece of cake as she is self motivated and organized) also has been looking forward to homeschooling for her 6th grade year next year so this would be a perfect time to get the hang of it.

So... in saying all of this, I only have a 17 mo old and almost 5 yr old at home until this little pumpkin arrives during the day- would anyone have any tips in the best way to transition? The one-on-one time Abbie is going to have is going to be very very helpful for her, I feel. Thanks for reading my novel, hahaha! And good luck to those of you looking to dive in too. :)

A written daily schedule makes you more likely to succeed. You can determine the schedule yourself, it should not be rigidly applied, and proposing amendments to the schedule can be part of the children's education. The last item on our schedule every Thursday was, "Draft schedule for next week." We started with a template for the week, starting from scratch would have been too burdensome. It is helpful to look at your state school curriculum when you plan your own. Again, do not apply it rigidly, it is a starting point. Be aware that a child can accomplish at least twice as much in home school as a child typically does in a conventional school. Have high expectations.