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single parenting and homeschooling
10/08/2009 at 21:39 PM

I am considering homeschooling my 14 year old daughter. She is very smart, but she struggles with school. She started at a private school this year hoping it would help her, but she is still struggling. I work in a doctor's office Monday - Friday during the day. I was wondering if it is possible for a single mother to homeschool a child when she has to work during the day?

I think you could provide an adequate education in the evening hours with a 14 year-old and a reasonably good relationship. I have concerns about the unsupervised hours home alone during the day. If you had . . . a whole menagerie of animals that needed care, or if your sister could use some help because she just had twins, something that your daughter could do that was useful.

I homeschooled my daughter 10th, 11th & half-way through 12th grade. We joined a home school group in our area and she had classes with peers in the group and tutored younger students. She also provided child care for younger children of the home school parents which helped with her career track of becoming a preschool teacher. She went on field trips, studied and networked with different peers in the group. She also did a great deal of her school work on the computer using various software we purchased or borrowed. My daughter was very responsible, used her time wisely and enjoyed not having to go to school and struggle like you say your daughter does in school. It was a good thing all around. If you feel your daughter will be responsible and keep up with her work, then I strongly recommend home school. Finding a home school group is very helpful also.