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Can anyone please give me a general idea of how your days run homeschooling?  I live in Texas and know that they are very lienent when it comes to homeschooling.  I have purchased all of my curricula which include: Singapore Math, A Reason for Spelling, History for little Pilgrims, Abeka's science program, simple journal entry daily, sight words, reading 20 mins aloud daily, and Explode the Code.  This is my first year homeschooling and I want to get a handle on it before we actually start teaching 1st grade son and pre-k son.  I am going to be doing the letter of the week program with my pre-k son, but would also like to supplement.  So I am really just looking to see what your general day looks like and any suggestions for pre-k supplemental curricula that is free or cheap.  I don't have a lot of money to spend on this so, I hope someone can help me out.  Talk to you all later. 


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Welcome to the boards.  I am sure there are lots of parents out there that can help you with some ideas about what they do.


Anyone have any ideas or advice?




The nice thing about homeschooling is that you can choose your own schedule. You know your kids and when they are at their best. You can schedule the things they need more help with at a time that is convenient for you and when your child is most patient and receptive. You are lucky in TX since you have total freedom. Your kids are young so I would take things in manageable chunks for them, maybe even only doing some subjects some days and others on other days. I would allow lots of time for reading either aloud to them or if your older child is reading already for them to read. As far as you Pre-K, you don't really need any curriculum for them, Include them with your older, play games and of course lots of reading and talking. Give them things to do like crayons, clay, paper and scissors. Your kids will let you know what they are interested in. Have fun and make learning exciting.

Have fun!


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I am actually starting our 1st year as well, with a 1st grader and a Pre-K er, I am in SC and things seem pretty leinient here as well. I am not familiar with most of the curriculum you have, I went with Rod and Staff math, Harcourt science, (both full curriculums), Social studies based on a Harcourt textbook, but very open to other materials, and a completely home made English with various workbooks, books, and online resources. As far as my Pre K son I am not doing anything to structured, I picked up some Pre K-K materials at Walmart, and am using other things that I have found online to go with what I am doing with my 1st grader. A few sites I have found that I love are:
(must join but all free)

as far as daily schedule I am no help, I have not gotten there yet and I am sure it will be trial and error for a bit but Good luck!



This will be my first year homeschooling, and my boys--1st grade, K, and Pre-K, are all starting with the same curriculum, Sonlight, which is absolutely amazing and very different than many others.  We plan on doing school from 8:30 to 10, a 15 minute break, then 10:15 until noon, and we should be done.  My 1st grader didn't pick up in K at public school, so we are starting him with the other, and will let him "run with it" at his own pace.

This curriculum is amazing to follow--everything is already planned--just follow the schedule!

--buckerette, SD


Good luck to you in the scheduling arean! :)

It sounds harder actually than it really has been, at least for me. I panicked about that very same issue until my grandson started to ask to do his homeschooling in (off day). Wow! ok then was my reply.

We take Fridays off due to: Grandpa is off on Fridays and he will never focus with grandpa home. He has been recently asking to do his lesson plans on Friday and even on the weekends!

I like to try and locate the (fun things) and the things that (HE) is interested in and work mostly with that material. I have found some wonderful cdroms that are offered in every grade. He loves computer work. He will be our future computer whiz (so) I located writing cd's and he askes to do them! Even on Sat & Sunday! is great! You can print out lessons from teir. My only downfall with it is, I run out of ink due to printing so much, guess it is another trade off.

My biggest downfall is worrying about how to do (all of it in one day) but I know that lessons have to take a priority and from their I am including him to help with the chorses also this year.It is also a lesson in responcibilty. If I am sitting with him then I can not get the other chores done and to be able to give him 1-1, then he needs to pitch in with the things that need to also be done that day. It is a trade off in my house with Lessons being a priority and I am trying not to freak out from their.

Last year his ashma hit him really bad and he was very very sick so I had him read on days he was sick, or on the bad days, I sat with him and just read for the longest. Then we would discuss what we read.

Hope this helps. I was once told that homeschooling parents are supposed to be conserned but that with time we will all find our way. I was afraid that  my grandson would suffer while I was learning how to homeschool, NOW he is asking on a Sunday to "Play his games" which happens to double as his school lessons, but he also has work he doesn't like. I just hold the things (he does want to do) until the other things that are also nessassary are done. If he doesn't do the work, he doesn't get on the computer.

Last year he sat in the livingroom floor and seriously refused to do his schooling! Threw the biggest FIT I have seen from him in years........ I walked out front, sat in my yard swing and told him when he was willing he could come to the door and let me know! After about 20 mins and ( I think he thought) I would not come back in, he came and asked me if we could, "Git the work over with:?

 You will have your bad days and so will your children. They will try and push your buttons because you are still Mommie also and that was a trying time for me. I just needed to learn how: NOT to give in to them (unless I saw the need).

Consistancy worked for me.

I am sorry this is so long. I am very excited about homeschooling and love to share stories.

I am on yahoo messnger under kathull nick. Thanks for letting me join and share with this group. I hope to also learn from the group. Granny Kat

GrannyKat, teaching her grandson.


Homeschooling is dependent on how your child responds to different resources. I've worked with students using multiple websites and workbooks both online and offline. Some of my students' favorite sources are Beestar and IXL. Beestar is really helpful in providing worksheets that can help students understand their weakness better. IXL definitely helps with targeting timed practice for future national tests (PSAT/SAT). Beestar recently added a gifted and talented section which is a great resource for my new students. There are a lot of valuable resources now so definitely check these two out.