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problems homeschooling five year old
01/07/2010 at 15:25 PM

Hi everyone,
I hope someone will read this and provide me with a little reassurance or tell me to quit homeschooling.
I have a very smart five year old who refuses to learn or do homework. When I enrolled her in preschool she was literally above the others in her class because I had taught her the colors, alphabets, and numbers. She was doing 25 piece puzzles at the age of four. She wanted to quit preschool because she claimed that it was boring and babyish and that she didn't like them playing nursey rhymes at music time.
So, I pulled her out of preschool and decided that we would homeschool her. The problem is that whenever I sit down with her to do homework or practice things, she acts like she doesn't know the words or the right answer. She acts like she is too afraid to answer because she might get it wrong. She wont even humor me by guessing what the answer could be. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't want to put her in public school, because I'm not sure how a teacher would react to this type of defiance(for lack of a better word). Does anyone think I should put her back in school and see how she does there or should I just wait it out?

It is important, when you have a gifted child, that you make clear that your regard for the child is independent of the gift. Whether their gift is academic, athletic, artistic, social . . . I think both of you need to see a psychologist. I don't think that just dropping her into school is going to address her extreme fear of failure. Perhaps you could try learning something that is difficult for you--sewing comes to my mind, I always mess up when I sew-- so that she can see that it's okay to make mistakes.

you can put her back in public school maybe the one on one is make her feel a little unsure. in the class room there will be more ppertcipation cuase of the fallowing of other students if she doent like it. you have to make a deal with her...she trys or its public school. you gotta tell her she is big girl now, and no more baby games of the idk's.

Well, you probably won't hear too much of this advice, but here it is...... She's 5 years old. Let her be the little girl she is! There is absolutely NO NEED for formal education for several years yet. She will learn something new everyday just by being with you and watching what you do. Read out loud LOTS and LOTS and play games with her. That is all you need to do right now. Your daughter, gifted or not, will not fall behind, but will develop each day. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SEE A PHSYCOLOGIST!!! :( Get your hands on some Ruth Beechick books and put your mind at rest!!!! Good luck!