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people who do not think homeschooling is good!!
11/21/2007 at 13:06 PM

ive only just started home schooling and find people very negitive about it lke saying are you allowed too do that they were doing so well in school etc has anybody else had this ?

I have heard second-hand of some home-schooling situations that were not good.  Every situation I have seen has been well-organized and focussed on what the children need.  My own home-schooling has been very positive both in educational impace and family impact.  And when people ask if its legal, they are probably just un-informed, not negative.


If people don't think homeschooling is good tell them to DEAL WITH IT!! As long as you think it's good and your children are doing good it doesn't matter what other people think.


I'm not saying home school is bad but what is it about homeshcool that make a lot of people think it is better than public school.


Hi, I am also new at home schooling, yes, i got it to people told me not to do it. Its not good for the child. I myself am also learning as well. and it can be fun.If you have a computer you wont have a problem. My son is in grade 3 he likes me to teach him.


I don't think home schooling would be good. I wouldn't like to have to be home schooled because it would be impossible to make friends at school.

It is a matter of opinion. I use to be one of "those" being in South Africa, I can tell you I have change my mind. Homescooling is the way to go.It all depends on you, the support you get and then you can have it all. My advice - surround you with positive people - be a team player outside home schooling.It can be done.Be proud , you know who you are and do not let people identify you.

I've been HSing my 2 kids for 4+ years now and i can state that it has been a very positive experience in every way. -- The argument usually is that HSed kids don't develop their social skills. This is totally bogus. -- We make sure to involve our kids in many activities that allow them to mix with children their age. Most communities have sports programs that offer a wide range of choices. -- HSed Kids lead the US in many areas of scholastic achievement. Watch a National Spelling competition someday and you will see what i mean. Many HSed kids are on the top rungs if not winning outright. -- Also, HSed kids are reported to be attending college at a much higher percentage compared to those that attend public schools.

I have two children that I am now home schooling. They have attended public school for a few years in the past. I have to say that switching to home school for them was the best thing we could have ever done. Both of them have always been good students, always had good grades. Now they are doing even better and we are having fun with it as well. The children have a chance to learn at their own pace, be it slower or faster, whatever is needed. We dont move on to a new skill until the first one is mastered. Unlike the children in public school, I know my children have learned everything that was taught. We dont do it all on our own, they are in a cyber program but due to their ages they need to be taught the skills by an adult. As they get older, they should be able to do more of the work on their own. Im not trying to trash public school. Its just my opinion, but home schooling is the best way to be sure that the children are actully learning everything that they will need to know. As long as the kids can stay active in sports or other programs with children around their own age, I dont think a parent could make a better choice.