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Penguemic - Word Domination SAT*/GRE**/GMAT*** iPhone, iPad game
09/01/2013 at 22:48 PM

I'm one of the creators for indie game studio Learn District; because learning to score well on the SAT is such a painful experience, we just launched the Kickstarter for our first game Penguemic, a SAT/GMAT vocabulary tug of war battle game for IOS devices this fall. Please give it a look and become a backer for some cool rewards!


The Company

LearnDistrict is an educational company with a unique vision to create interesting games that teach. We seek to tap into the game industry and channel the excitement of learning how to play games so that we can develop games for education that are fun. The problem with games made for education is that they are made by educators who don't understand games. We are gamers who all had difficulty studying and wanted to provide a way for younger people to learn while gaming.