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opinion - private school vs homeschool
05/17/2011 at 12:48 PM

Hi - I am new to this blog and I would love opinions on my quandry. I have two kids (K and 1st) and they are in a Classical Christian school. I love the curriculum and my kids are thriving. The problem is that we are the only family that are not Baptist (school run by a Baptist church). Recently, there has been issue with whether or not to allow a Mormon family to enroll a child. Apparently, many of the families think this is a bad idea. I am protestant and have no problem with a Mormon family being accepted. Some of the finest people I know are Mormon.

My husband and I have investigated homeschooling and part of me really wants to try it. I know my youngest child would LOVE it. My older child and I argue more (both strong-willed, I guess).

I cannot in good conscious be a part of a school that is so close-minded, but I am concerned if I will be a good homeschool mom. I want to do it, just fear I am doing the wrong thing. There are no other private options available to us and the public schools are a mess where we live.

comments please.

There are as many different styles of home-schooling as there are families. If you are a good mom, then you would be a good home-school mom. Also, if you have a chance to talk to the Mormon parents, suggest the option to them, too. I tried K-12 this year, online school. I didn't like it, and my child was more resistant to school this year than she has been when I've home-schooled without the K-12 structure. Anybody else try K-12? What did you think?