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New with questions
06/20/2007 at 18:16 PM

I have decided to homeschool my 14 year old son. He is due to go to 9th grade (freshman in High School) We live in Nothern Nevada.  There are many reasons that I am going to homeschool him, but my major problem is where to start. I have printed the intent to homeschool form. I don't know what level of math, reading, etc. my son is capable of doing. He has some learning disabilities, but they aren't stopping him from learning at  his grade level with the proper instruction. I don't want to start him out at a 9th grade level math (for example) if he doesn't know how to do 6th grade math. Is there a test that I can give him to see what he knows? Or is it going to be a hit and miss type thing?

Thank you

Hi Bridget,


Welcome to the boards.  I would probably go from the level of math he has been doing in school and go from there. 


I don't know if there are any tests out there, anyone have any information on that?




congrats on your new exciting journey! I do know that if you decide to use saxon math they have a test that you can take to decide what level to use.( the best part is it's free! ) take a look at there web site.

 The other math program that I know has that as well is a program called math-u-see. try those and see if they help.

Best of luck and I hope that helps.


The task can be daunting.  I took 3 children out of public school in January to Homeschool them.  It has been a very interesting journey.  I was so inundated with information.  I was constantly asked by other home schoolers what curriculum I was going to use.  I felt as though I may be giving the wrong answer, when I didn't say Abeka or Alpha Omega.  Instead I had decided on the Unit Study approach since I had 3 different grade levels.  It worked out okay, but I felt like I missed some areas where I could have done better.  This summer we decided that the next school year would be handled to prep them for college and we have gone to the a syllubus learning method.  It does take a little longer to prep, but it starts them learning as they do in college.  I wrote an article on the subject for  here is the link for it.  Hopefully it will help.  The one thing I learned is that finding the right path for you can be trial and error, but it is a learning experience that you and your son can learn from.