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New homeschoolers
09/22/2009 at 13:11 PM

Hello, we live in Alabama and have decided to homeschool our boys ages 12 and 14. My boys race nationaly atv motocross. They were getting alot of negative feedback from the teachers because they would miss around 4-5 days a year for racing. So they would give them 0's on these days which would bring their average grade down really bad. We have enrolled them into a homeschool program here in town that they will go to 4 days a week from 10-2. She is a ceritified teacher and really seems to care about the kids. I am still a little nervous just because it is all so scary. Does anyone else do this type of homeschooling? She also offers a oneday a week program where they go and test on certain days and she keeps up with all of their grades, etc.. But we felt like going the 4 days a week would better fit our kids. That way they are still in a controlled enviroment. Can anyone give me any pointers on homeschooling?

I don't understand.  Are you teaching your boys, and she just checks progress 4 days a week for 4 hours? 

When I've homeschooled children, I've just done it myself. 



She will do everything. They will attend the 4 days a week. So it is basically like a private school with homeschool standards.   


So, they are getting 8 hours of instruction a week, instead of 25-30 hours a week?  Will you be availiable to supervise homework?  I can't imagine that the boys will be able to cover the material in 8 hours a week.


No, they will be getting 32 hours a week. They will be going to her 4 days a week from 10-2. They started Monday. I can go in anytime I want to. She gives them all of their assingments, homework, etc. She orders their books and sends everything into the state.

Does everyone on here do their own homeschooling?

My oldest son is in the 9th grade. Even thou I have a college degree I could not do some of the Algebra 1 that he was having to do at public school. This was the reason we chose to do the 4 days a week with her. It is like they are in a classroom those days. She is a certified Ala. teacher. She has 5 aides as well. I think that she has 18 students that are doing the 4 days a week. Then she has some that she writes out the curriculm for and they only come 1 day a week for testing. They do all of their assignments at home.  


The one thing that was a challenge for me with homeschool was working through the parent-child dynamic.  It was hard to get away from the bossing the child around and into the exciting,  "we're learning stuff and I'm just here to help," though I did finally figure that out.  I think a non-parent has a real advantage there, though my relationship with my kids who were homeschooled is much better than with my kids who were exclusively in regular school.