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my kid's ebooks/ reading interest
06/10/2011 at 00:44 AM

My daughter Bree is 5 and entering kindergarten this fall. She struggles keeping her attention when reading, so I have been trying different things. Does anyone have any good ideas to spark her interest in reading??

The only avenue I have come up with is for ebooks. She seems to like the two I downloaded, I was surprised when she learned them by heart. She likes when little things pop up or playing the games on there. But she cant always use an ebook, any ideas?

If you like ebooks for kids, these ended up being pretty good.....

I would not worry about this at all. Kindergarten was originally designed to help children transition from the freedom of home to the regimentation of school. She is behaving like a five year old--that is good. Does she read independently? When my children were that age, they would sit on my lap as I read aloud, following the text with a finger to help them learn that text starts at the top left and traces across to the right, then jumps down and left to the beginning of the next line of text. A page or two is enough, sometimes. I also learned, many many years ago and I have no idea from what source--it WAS research based, that activities that involve spinning around in circles are associated with more fluent reading. If you have an office chair that she can spin in, or playground toys that spin, take advantage of them!

Hi there, Thank you for the good advice. You know, she does pick up a picture book from time to time and so I will keep reinforcing her when she does that.. So spinning huh?! Gotta give that a try!

Hi there :) She is small and it’s quite natural that she might be more inclined to other activities over reading books and learning. You might try to engage her with some fun activities in tandem with reading and learning, so that she enjoys what she is doing. You can also motivate your little girl with the computer by using a phonics reading program, which is very popular amongst kindergarten kids and homeschoolers. You should provide the best, diverse resources and e-learning tools to improve her reading and learning skills. Take a look at this blog to get a better idea of what I’m talking about.

Recomment you have a try with beestar's reading pro. My daughter has been using it and loves it! The online worksheets are full of interesting stories and vivid pictures, quite attractive to kids. Plus, the honor rolls is an additional incentive. Lisa
28336 it turns out our 5 year old got into the e-book world quickly...we play chess and other educational is great... In fact, he and I put together a father-son book, called Griffin the Dragon and the Jump House...we've all got to get use to the e world. I really love to read the paper and hard covers; walking and sitting in various places to enjoy the pages...however, when you can 'carry' a few dozen in a hand held device and the kids 'like' it, then go for it with gusto...