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Let's Learn Time - One of the most interactive iBooks!
06/06/2012 at 15:52 PM

Learning Time is an engaging and interactive textbook for iPad, which uses the capabilities of the latest iBooks 2 platform. The textbook contain nine chapters which progressively teach time, beginning from understanding clocks to elapsed time. The chapters are replete with beautiful graphics, voice for telling time and animated examples that make learning time fun for kids. Every chapter is appended with extra examples and an assessment section to reinforce the concepts learnt.

I was recently on the Apple’s App Store and I found an amazing storybook app called, “And So You Were Born.” My twins are just under two years old and they can not get over this book. They can’t read but there is narration and interactive pictures and text. The book is customizable so it can say their names, my name, their friends, and even religion. This book teaches kids to appreciate their family and to have respect for others’ beliefs in the world. Much of this is done through subliminal messaging in the the text, allowing the book to still have a fun vibe. After the story it even has puzzles, paint activities, and a matching game. The App preaches a good message but is still enjoyable for children. I recommend you take a look at it.

Hey some really nice interactive options for bringing up my child amaira!! Seriously globalization and digital era is at its peak, i didnt know after e books there would be I books too, I used to totally avoid amaira catching up on internet as it would harm her brain,Recently i got her Brainy Baby Baby IQ Fun learning (5 DVD Pack)from Hushbabies, and she totally loved them, It Discovers a variety of important concepts as Baby I and Baby Q explore a combination of animals, counting, colors, seasons, movements, shapes and patterns. It helps her acknowledge the First Words,Colors,Counting,Animals and The World around her. She is totally loving it, and getting more imaginative and creative day by day!!There are a lot of Cds and Dvds you can check from, check it out here-on the hushbabies site!! :)

My husband and I are researching problems parents face when reading at home with their children. We are trying to interview parents of students in grades K-5 or parents who homeschool. If anyone is interested in chatting with us, we would love to hear from you. Not a sales pitch, just a brief interview. Please search reading glue, and sign up on our site. Thanks so much!

Hello everyone, I am new here but not about kids education. I want your opinions for pre schooling activities which really help your kids in learning and in stabilizing themselves. For an example if they watch some video for learning something and same thing you tell orally then first option will make them learning fast and efficient.

Eerabathini, We're delighted to hear how much you and your twins love the app! It was created to encourage learning while having fun, so we're happy to see your comments reflecting the same. Be sure to visit our website or Facebook fanpage for a discussion guide and additional activities for your little ones, and to keep up-to-date for the forthcoming printed version. Any other suggestions or comments, please send our way! - TPP (publisher of "And So You Were Born")