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I wish someone would tell me what to do!
07/22/2007 at 17:23 PM

Okay, so I know no one can really tell me what to do.  But don't you ever just wish someone could make decisions for you?

I started homeschooling my first child when he was very young.  I homeschooled him through the preschool years.  Then I put him in first grade in public school, only because I was having my third child.  I only commit myself to a year by year basis.  Like I committed to one year of homeschool at a time and then public school one year at a time.  I never thought public school would be for long.

My oldest is considered to be gifted in public school.  I believe it is only because I have taught him so much.  Well I have been very relaxed on my second child, as far as teaching goes.  I think I have gotten lazy knowing that she can learn in school.

I keep getting homeschool magazines and such in the mail.  I look through them and say to myself, "This would be good to learn about" and I catch myself daydreaming about teaching again.  I would love to teach my children at home.  I know I can do so much of a better job than the school system can. 

Well for the school year, my husband will be deployed to Iraq.  Just being the summer, I am having such a terrible nerve racking time raising three children, cleaning house, and living somewhere I have no family other than my children.  I told myself there is always next year to homeschool since this year is just too stressful.  And if I do it this time, I want to commit to all the years of school, not just to a few. 

Not to mention, I am looking forward to some peace and quiet when my older two go to school.  That way it will be me and baby and I can get some things done around the house and maybe have some me time while I am at it.  I feel so selfish for thinking that way.

One way we look at it, I  can still be involved with their schooling since I am at home.  I can be involved in homework, class parties, etc, etc.  That way they can still get a good education....I just know it is not as good as what they could get at home, ya know?  I mean, do you think that this is true?  That just because I am involved in their schooling at public school that they will be okay? 

I don't know.  I guess I am looking for advice, not necessarily someone to tell me what to do...although that would be nice, too :)

Thanks alot



I think it would be exhausting to have an infant and homeschool. I didn't know a parent could homeschool one year and not the next, is this so?

It has been proven that kids in school who have parents that are involved in/with their school, do better in life. It also gives you the ability to help their school with things that you are good at but that maybe they really need help with (making it better for many, giving you more satisfaction as a mom and person).

Also, you are not being selfish. Any Mom out there can tell you that this job (parenting) is a 24hour/356day a year job. When do we ever get a break? To do our job well, we have to always be "on", making good decisions, setting good examples. Even regular jobs get a break during the day! Getting breaks gives you an opportunity to be a better person, which inevitably helps your kids, too!



I am so glad you have shared your question with us.  When I had preschoolers at home, my husband put in a lot of long hours at work, frequently leaving before our daughter got up and coming home long after we were in bed.  My daughter is definitely gifted and has just graduated from a traditional high school.  She was a co-valedictorian and was admitted to a very selective school (where she will attend on scholarships).  My son is an 8th grader at a charter school and I homeschooled him while he was attending a traditional Kindergarten and again while he attended a private school "homeschool support program."  My daughter did very well in traditional school, but my son, who is very intelligent, has speech-language challenges that needed attention.  There is a lot you can do to supplement a public education.  If you have read Mary Pride's books, she refers to this as "afterschooling."  At our house, we call it "summer schooling" because that's when our kids made the most progress and received the most one-on-one help.  In addition to my help, our children received private tutoring, in both math and reading.  If you can afford this, I suggest that you look into this, especially when you have a baby at home. 

Please remember that those preschool years don't last forever and before you know it, your children will be doing a lot of independent learning.  This is a worthy goal to work toward, since this frees up your time quite a bit. 

Best of luck to you.