I need HELP PLEASE thanks
11/14/2011 at 08:42 AM

I was the product of public school and some privet school (2nd year of 1st grade - 3rd grade) ... The whole time I was in public school I BAGGED my parents to put me back into privet.. My grades were all A's there. In public, b/c I could not learn at my own pace, I worked my tail off to get the D's I was getting.. My mother is a Certified TEACHER she has always enjoyed teaching up until a "few" years ago when the "no child left behind" came into effect. I found out well after I had went to college that the reason I was never put back into privet school was for 2 reasons 1. my parents had 4 kids and did not think that was a fair thing to do because they could not afford all of us to go. and 2. they truly thought I was purposely getting D's and F's to try to force them into giving into what I wanted ... now with all this said I would love to be able to home-school my 2 children. The oldest is already showing problems in school and the Kindergarten teacher had wrote him off. Now his other teacher is doing the same thing but has also starting lying on my son (he just started 1st grade) ... I believe it is the combination of the SCHOOL and the TEACHER. b/c for the summer my mother was able to get my son from not knowing how to read to being able to read at a low 1st grade within 2 1/2 months at 1 hr a day (kinder teacher did not teach him anything .. I found out later that she would put him in a corner by himself and would not teach him squat). IF I knew this before hand I would have been able to do more while he was at home but I had no clue until I took time off from work b/c she was saying he is ADHD and she cant deal with him. I spent 35 minutes there without him knowing I was there and he seemed fine to me (was not running around was doing his work just standing at desk instead of "sitting" but he was doing the work)... I saw what she did to HIM and if I was my son I too would not give her the time of day... the school of course took her side and made me get him tested and of course the DR. is going by what the teacher says and refuses to take me & my hubby's intake on things so now he is diagnosed with ADHD... my research had found that 80-85% of boys Diagnosed with ADHD are NOT ADHD they are JUST boys and they do not "sit still" like a girl will... but the schools expect EVERY child to "SIT STILL" (if you don't FIT into their "BOX" then you have something wrong with you) any way, my point is I would love to home school him but , I do not have the organization or the self disapline to do something like that. I would be afraid of "giving" into him when he would not want to do the work and then he still wont learn anything b/c I have not been able to force myself to TEACH it.. I'm not lazy i just don't have the skills like a teacher SHOULD have to be able to make the day go smooth. My mother is a wonderful teacher and switched from public to a privet school when she could no longer give the attention to the kids that they would need to succeed due to the admin. people. I have asked her how much would I have to pay her to do the job of homeschooling the boys... she told me she would need what she was making in public school (60,000 a year)She has the skills, the 10 year and a life time teacher Certs. in both MN and TX .... LOL IF I had that kind of money I would not hesitate to do it but, I don't make that kind of money even when I did work ... so right now public school is ALL I CAN DO but, my son is paying the price dearly!!!!!!!!!!! I want to help him b/c I know how hard it is in a public school not to mention getting teased daily b/c you clothes are not from a designer label REALLY??? how can parents be proud that they are teaching their kids to BULLY someone b/c of something that stupid. BULLYING KIDS AND THEIR PARENTS should go to BOOT CAMP for the army or marines and let them face what it fells like to get bullied just because your diff.

Does anyone have any kind of suggestion for me in order to make sure my son will stop getting wrote off by the teachers and the school .. I am afraid if this keeps going on he'll be in special ed by next year :( i cant allow that to happen but I cant afford my mother to teach them & I can not afford privet school and i don't know if I can do the home schooling thou I would love to know he is not being MISTREATED by teachers or kids... PLEASE E-mail me at DerSilberneWolf@yahoo.com thanks