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I need 8th grade female CA/P.E. ideas
09/04/2007 at 19:15 PM

My 13yr isnt into sports, we need some ideas to do at home for California Standards if possible, we have lots of outdoor space, she likes some things like jump rope but that gets boring, walking the dog, not to exciting, I have looked at all my resources that I have collected, things seems to be in books for purchasing. We have 4 in our family and two dogs so I am sure we could do something in our yard. Pleae let me know if anybody has any ideas. Thanks Teri

Hey mom2daughters,


Welcome to the boards.  What about some of the sports type stuff you can buy at a Target or Wal-Mart, like badminton, croquet or volleyball?  Those aren't really traditional sporty sports, they can be done easily and might be fun.  You could also set up some sort of obstacles course, or run sprints from this tree to this tree.


Anyone else have any ideas?






Oh ya I didnt think about those types maybe that is something I will check out this weekend. That is the fun type of sports I think. Thanks so much was not even thinking about that. How simply. Thanks