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HS 3 different ages? HELP
09/10/2007 at 13:46 PM

Hi, I have been hs for about 2 1/2 years.  I am now starting my middle child in preK and she loves it but my problem is that my 3rd grader now wants to do the preK stuff and "acts" like she does not know her 3rd grade lessons, when I know better. She is a very bright child and has always been pretty ahead for her age so here lately  I have been letting her off a little easy when it comes time for the new stuff.  I have her to read aloud alot and join in with us to do the crafts, which I do include in her lessons too, but she want to do the prek ones.  But, now we are well into our 4th week of our "school year"  and I feel she needs to step up and start doing her correct 3rd grade work.  This is discouraging me to the point of wanting to give up.  What is it going to be like when I have a 4th grader, a kindergardner and a pre-k next term.  I just need some advise and support from a few of you out there that are hsing more than one child....and I know there are plenty out there who manage....please help.

thanks  my3ddiluvem

I have two boy's ages 7 and 5. What I have done for times when my seven year old wants to do "kindergarten" work is I try to combine a similar subject for them both to do.  With the older one doing a little bit more to it.  Like for intsatance in my youngest work he is learning that water can be a liquid, a gas, or a solid.  We all did an experiment in melting some ice in a pan (well I did the stove part so they wouldn't get burned) and I had them each draw what was happening to the ice.  My older one also had to write what was happening at the bottom of his picture and I had him predict before we did the experiment on what would happen too.  So this way they both got to do it together and also get to draw.  Maybe try and get them learning similar things just one with a little more work then the other?  I know my two are closer together in age so I don't know if I was much help.  I hope it has or does get easier for you.


3rd grade gets so academic.  Lots of "seatwork, reading writing and 'rithmetic."  I would have the older child  use as many hands on activities as you can, and let the Kindergartner tag along with the older student.  Let the older child teach the handwriting lesson.  It is more work for you coming up with non-traditional learning activities, but you've got complete flexibility--it's your school!


Homeschooling multiple ages can be challenging.  I have a kindergartener, 3rd grader, and 6th grader.  One thing that has helped me is allowing my 3rd grader to help teach my 5 year old.  She loves playing teacher and my youngest is actually learning her alphabet and sounds.  This frees me up to work with my oldest child. 

In the past, I've also made a schedule so that each child knew what they needed to be working on.  For example, my middle child would read for 30 min. or do Spanish for 30 min. on computer while I worked with my oldest in L.A.  They really like and need the structure and there's no confusion as to what they need to be working on.  Also, teaching all your children a subject at the same time helps, for instance, science or history.  They're all learning the same content but their activities would be different, appropriate for their age.  Hope some of these ideas help.



They are at different grade levels at reading and math skills...what I have done is have the older teach his sister and lots of interactive activities, I test seperate and also have the older child write a paragraph on drawings, or predict...ask questions and help the discussion and have them focus on if I were the teacher...kids love taking the teacher role...I hope I helped...donnaj :-)