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How kids learn number in games
07/22/2014 at 23:22 PM

To help my daughter learn numbers, we develop an Apple App on Ipad called "Kid Maths", this is a funny games, where kids learn numbers in different strategies in the game.
THis game you can see detail on
itunes. apple. com /us /app /kid-maths /id898265525?l =zh&ls =1&mt =8

Through 3 funny games, this app helps kids to learn numbers 0-100 in different strategies.

The first game “Learn Numbers” teaches kids numbers 0-100. In the game, apples, apple-trees are demonstrated for counting from small number to big, or from big to small. To show the progress of counting real items in life makes kids easy to acquire the meaning of each number.

The second game “Count” asks kids to count number of insects by themselves so that deepen their recognition of numbers. Kids count by themselves, and choose the right number from beautiful floating balloon.

The third game “Sort Numbers” helps kids get a sense of numerical magnitudes in a funny strategy. Different numbers on floating flowers are waiting to be pulled on the proper position on “Min to Max Bar”. In this progress, kids order numbers, differentiate between smaller number and bigger one which helps kids understand the number meaning.

Numbers in all games are divided in 4 levels according to kids’ cognitive ability
1st level: 0-10
2nd level: 11-20
3rd level: 21-50
4th level: 51-100
Kids can choose proper game level in keeping with their competence.

Thanks to introduce us with this app. I will also try this.